Sunday, October 9, 2011

sunday summary

the past week has been so lovely. last weekend i went on tour with parklife, which was absolutely crazy but fantastic and an experience which i know i'll never, ever forget. it was one of those moments that made interning more than worthwhile. i had so much responsibility and yet it all felt like so much fun! everything went smoothly and despite the 5am wake up the day after parklife sydney (groan) the adrenaline kicked in and i had double the fun at parklife adelaide. unfortunately i was so busy that i got zilch photos which is such a bummer, but i've definitely been snap happy since then! my week has been full of relaxation and recovery...

1. mango smoothie from melonhead in coogee - da bomb in a cup
2. the subject of many a discussion for my boyfriend and i - wedding cake island. IT DOES NOT LOOK LIKE A WEDDING CAKE. unless said wedding cake has been dropped from a table! don't get me started!
3. coogee cliffs
4. my sunset orange toes in the sand
5. new purchases! yay! all from work of course. my brand spankin new seafolly bikini, and their limited edition, butter soft, leather bag. the tassels are the perfect pretty little feminine touch
6. homemade pizza, the most delish way to end a summery day
7. a pretty new vintage sparkle
8. my mum's AMAZING chocolate pavlova, with cream, raspberries & shaved chocolate.. the most brilliant creation!


Rich Girls. said...

ooh i want that bikini.
did you buy them separately by any chance?
so cute. x.

chloe-kiara. said...

yeah it's the best thing about seafolly! everything except for the limited edition range is seperates, which is amazing for me being completely different sizes top and bottom haha. xx