Wednesday, May 4, 2011

hitlist update.

thought i'd do an update on my winter fashion hitlist! 

1. khaki anorak.
2. chunky knits - blush & cream.
3. chunky black scarf.
4. felt hat - cream or black.
5. sheer printed oversized shirt.
6. printed maxi skirt.
7. black cotton maxi skirt.
8. floral print dress.
9. statement leggings.
10. tony bianco black suede booties. (almost!!!!)

i made a little side purchase. YES I KNOW. so bad of me. but it was for my internship interview and i know that it's a piece i'm going to use in a variety of ways because it'll be so versatile. and it was on sale. so forgive me! it's this lovely khaki button up shirt, in this absurdly soft & silky material which is smooth enough it should be sheer but it's not. very good layering top!

and this is the felt hat i bought! it's a lovely big oversized black one from sportsgirl which i posted below when i wore to the races, but let's be honest that photo was awful and so thought i'd get a better image up there.
so wish me luck with the rest of my wishlist. there's so much i want and so little funds. and i'm far too much of a perfectionist to settle for anything on my wishlist that is less than perfect. so the search continues.....

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