Saturday, May 21, 2011


if there's one thing i can't stand to spend excessive amounts of money on, it's accessories i wear to add pretty and unique touches to my outfits. don't get me wrong, i have my everyday, sentimental jewellery - graduation ring, my bracelet and ring from my boyfriend, but when it comes to cocktail rings, chunky bracelets and long chain necklaces, i like to budget. some of my favourite pieces of jewellery have cost me less than $30 and lasted me forever. but one of my absolute favourite choices at the moment are cuffs. they can be delicate or tough and add instant glam to an ordinary outfit. today i wore black leggings, a black singlet and ruby red cardigan; overall kinda boring. but i added a glamorous gold and black stoned cuff, with a cocktail ring, and it instantly updated the outfit and made it a bit spesh. these are three of my favourites at the moment.. i own all of them!
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