Monday, May 2, 2011

future prospects.

pre-warning - i'm about to go on a text filled rant again. i PROMISE picture posts as soon as uni is over!
on saturday, after the crappest friday of my life (i was sick as a dog, dontcha hate it) i received the most incredible pick me up i could ever dream of. awaiting my hungry eyes, in my inbox, was an email from the HR manager of fuzzy. if you aren't from australia, you might not know who they are, but if you're an aussie i'm sure you will. they create some of the biggest (and in my opinion, the best) music festivals here. my first ever fest was field day; an amazing festival on new years day and the perfect way to bring in the new year and i have such fond memory of each field day i've been to. i haven't missed one since 2009 and i don't plan too for as long as socially plausible. but back to the point, they do some awesome festivals and a few weeks ago i applied for an internship with them, and was offered an interview! it's on wednesday and ever since i got the email, i've been doing my background research and obviously more importantly, figuring out what on earth i should wear. the email stated 'dress to impress - but no suits.' so after much deliberation and interrogating my friends fashion advice, i decided to go smart casual. black chunky ankle boots, stockings, a white a-line skirt and a khaki slouchy button-up shirt. it's a group interview so i'm trying to figure out some new, fresh, innovative ideas i could contribute to show my individuality and eagerness to please/learn. wish me luck!

but now to decide on accessories... x

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