Wednesday, May 11, 2011

on a rollercoaster.

i can't get over the way that my life is flying right now. i'm about to finish my diploma, i've got a potential internship at fuzzy (hello dream job) and the latest news? i've got an interview on tuesday with sportsgirl for a part time position. seriously, i love moments like this. doors keep opening for me and i feel like after so much pursuing and persevering, life's actually starting to give me the rewards for all that work. 
it's just proof that when you really want something, and you really put the work in, 
the reward will be waiting for you. x

ps. i went into the fuzzy office this morning to drop off the guidebook they assigned us. i also baked them cookies. 
please love me fuzzy, i gave you cookies, i gave you a lovely guidebook... 

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