Thursday, May 26, 2011

the seasonal debate.

if you asked me which season i prefer, it's quite easy for me to say summer. i'm most definitely a summer person. i love the joy of holidays, the blistering heat, the sand and waves at the beach, laying lazily by the poolside, the parties and festivals and crazy memories that accompany them, christmas and new years and so much more. so sometimes, it's difficult for me to accept that the sun filled days are over and we're in the new blustery seasons of autumn and winter, and along with this, quite difficult for me to find ways to enjoy the miserable clouds, pouring rain and general dullness. 
but i was thinking about it today, and discovered there's actually some really beautiful things about winter, which you just can't experience in any other season. the sound of rain pitter-pattering on our tin roof, the joy of snuggling up in bed with your loved one, the delicious internal warmth from a hot chocolate - with marshmallows! - and the coziness of a big oversized knit, shearling boots or a thick chunky scarf and beanie. 

and my personal favourite for beating the bitter chill of winter.. a hot cup of tea! 

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