Monday, May 23, 2011

feck it - life is good.

don't you love it when you're feeling like doors are opening left right and centre, and you've got some stuff going on that makes you feel good about yourself, and everything is basically on track and life is looking real pretty? i'm going through that right now, for three main reasons:

1. i bought my tony bianco's. THEY. ARE. WOWZERS. no like seriously, i enjoy their company so much that i've lost my use of respectable english and just included the word wowzers. losing my bananas over them.

2. i had a second interview with fuzzy today. SECOND. as in, i beat hundreds of people, and it is now down to me, and another person, for an internship with one of the most incredible australian companies who create phenomenal, out of this world music festivals and events. (i find out if i've got it on wednesday!)

3. another purchase - my stylestalker jacket. you know the one i talked about a little while ago, and said it shouldn't even be called a jacket because it's too amazing. i totally stick by that statement. so hot. and i got it cheap as chips - thankyou ebay, you have done well by me again.

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