Friday, July 22, 2011

holy sheet

one teaspoon.

don't mind me, but i'm currently HAVING A HEART ATTACK OVER THESE. seriously, i can't breathe.

these are the new releases from one teaspoon. a preview of what's to come in their wonderful spring summer collection and i am really struggling to breathe right now because the amount of absolute love i have for these pictures is out. of. control. it's this eclectic mix of jungle & tribal inspired prints with this classic outback australia influence and completely quirky in the oh so one teaspoon way. and it's amazing. it just works. it's everything i want this summer and more. oh my, someone control me... the soft brim hats, the slinky, breezy, completely & utterly summer nights dresses (which would look amaze belted with some crazy heels), the incredible print on that tribal maxi skirt and the ruffles on the slightly-too-short-but-i'll-try-to-make-it-work dress. i think i'm in love.


Kaitlyn said...

Agreeed, this new OT collection is one of their best yet. Loving the cut on the last two dresses. Have you seen the leopard print maxi and mini babydoll dresses as well? They're some of my faves too x

chloe-kiara. said...

Kaitlyn - they're amazing! They just keep on releasing more and more and I keep on loving it! They just released the most amazing crochet maxi skirt, definitely adding it to my collection.

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