Monday, July 4, 2011

the epitome of summer

I can't quite begin to explain just how much this picture caught my attention when I stumbled across it on weheartit. It was just, quite literally, the epitome of what I adore about summer. Anyone who knows me well enough will tell you that my summer uniform is denim shorts and a crisp, white top. Speaking of which, if anyone can tell me where to get this white singlet - much appreciated. But I love the faded, sky blue denim with gentle fraying, the serenity and calm of the flowing and open white top, and the reminents of a tan visible on her back. I love the simplicity of the white walls and the small, carefully detailed rack of clothing in front of her. And her shoes... well, they're basically a definition of my shoe collection: beautiful, soft suede black wedges and booties. 

This picture captures me in such an immense way because it's so unbelievably close to home. In so many ways, the girl in this photo could just as well be me.

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