Saturday, July 2, 2011

the city of angels.

i'm home sweet home! 
i had the most wondrous love affair with the beautiful places i visited on my holiday. 
it was a much needed adventure away, and i loved every second of it. 
so i'll start it off with my time in the city of angels; los angeles. 

if i can sum up LA, it's over-stimulating. 
everything feels unreal, you see things you've only ever seen on TV. 
everyone is busy and backed by an important purpose for every minute of everyday. 
essentially, it's crazy town, but once it stops being intimidating and starts being interesting.. 
it's a really fun place to be.

1. i'm a berry addict, so finding huge punnets of strawberries everywhere for $1 was a dream come true.
2. fresh flowers are so cheap, and the arrangements are gorgeous.
3. the classic yellow school bus.
4. melrose ave - started off in the dingy side & progressed up to the classy. loved it!
5 & 6. the grove - one of my FAVOURITE shopping destinations. absolutely beautiful.
7. the hollywood sign; more impressive in real life than i thought possible.
8. a scene from one of my most loved films - pretty woman.
9. the best mexican food was everywhere in LA. taco bowls are fantastic!
10. stumbled across the filming for 'extra!' in the grove. helllooo, mario lopez.
11. there seems to be emergency services flying down the streets every 5 seconds. fire truck!
12. we visited universal studios over disneyland. so, so happy we made this choice, it's amazing.
13. whilst there, we got to go to the set of desperate housewives. it's honestly incredible.
14. and lastly, our first proper southern fried chicken. so crispy, so yummy, so bad for you! 

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