Sunday, July 3, 2011

empire state of mind: part two

the thing i loved most about new york was strolling the streets. you can just walk, and walk, and walk, through the tree lined streets with that gentle breeze and the sirens in the background (don't freak out - they're consistently blaring and the silence at home is actually weird now.) back to the point though, it's honestly the best way to find these beautiful, unique little boutiques which you couldn't possibly have found any other way. we found cafe's, boutique designers and cocktail bars this way, and they are some of the places i'll miss most.

1. looking at the city on our cab ride in from the airport.
2. the skyline view from our hotel rooftop deck.
3. central park - so, impeccably beautiful.
4. top of the rockefeller centre. it's worth the visit.
5. yankee stadium is like nothing i've ever seen before.
6. my other half watching the yankees v. rockies with severe intensity. 
7. statue of liberty, from the staten island ferry.
8. wall st (kinda boring, but something you have to see)
9. my first central park squirrel! oh so cute!
10. shoegasm - beautiful shoe store and highly representative of NY.
11. the forever 21 camera screen in times square. find me?!
12. we saw chicago the musical @ the ambassador, so fantastic.
13. times square got shut down, which we later discovered was for transformers filming!
14. my shopping goodies. i can only wish i got more!

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