Wednesday, July 6, 2011

new additions

jumper, shoes & accessories: sportsgirl
skirt: topshop

my first outfit post in ages! i have all these beautiful items on their way to me - decided i needed a few key items and accessories for my wardrobe because the winter weather has really hit sydney. it's not raining, but the icy cold temperature accompanied by the breezes with a chill factor of, oh i don't know, minus 10 billion, is killing me. mostly because i have nothing appropriate to wear in said weather. therefore, alongside these pretty purchases, i've also ordered myself a lovely shearling leather jacket from bardot (on sale for $50 - get on it!) simply because it's versatility and price made buying it a very easy decision!

aren't these accessories pretty? i've been completely on the same page as hannah-rose from capture the castle recently, with finding delicate little pieces of jewellery. i love the roman numeral ring and the plaited rings in particular, purely because they're both made to be pinky ring fingers which means they fit my outrageously skinny fingers like a regular ring! but i also love the look of stacked on jewellery. it has to be done carefully, but when it's done right, it adds effortless glam like nothing else. yum.

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