Sunday, July 17, 2011

foodie week

i've had lots of spare time on my hands as of late, what with my friends and other half overseas for a month. therefore i've been spending plenty of time cooking, baking and out to brunch! essentially following in my mum's footsteps, who is renown for her fantastic cooking skills.

1. my mum's incredible chicken laksa - perfect for the freezing cold winter nights that sydney's been shivering through lately.
2. i made it my mission to learn how to make poached eggs. i found the whirlpool method worked best, and was quite pleased with the results!
3. my beautiful poached eggs on toast with garlic aioli, chilli powder and burnt butter sauce. so yummy, i think it's a neil perry recipe.
4. brunch with my beautiful friend laura at indigo in double bay. i got the breakfast bruschetta with poached eggs and bacon, purely because it's the most tasty and fantastic way to start a day.
5. homemade potato & leek soup. honestly the easiest soup in the world to make because it's so tasty with the most basic of ingredients.
6. the easiest and most fantastically delectable pear crumble cake in the world. my mum and i made it together on friday, and it came out of the oven just in time for dessert as the rain was falling outside. it filled the house with the most beautifully warming aroma's of cinnamon and pear and it's perfectly paired with some thick cream. the recipe is from not quite nigella and if you're looking for the perfect winter cake, this is it.
7. one of my favourite breakfast's; avocado on good quality sourdough with chilli powder, salt & pepper.


hannah-rose said...

indigo! breakfast bruchetta! now that reminds me of the good old KRB days.

thanks for the nail polish name my friend. you are incredible. hang soon hang soon!


chloe-kiara. said...

i hadn't had indigo in so long, and it was just as good as i remembered. would love to do another catch up soon! x