Monday, July 11, 2011

off duty

we the people

i had a 'foodie' week last week, and so decided the upcoming post will be dedicated to my food adventures. so if you're hungry, i strongly advise that before you read the next post, you eat something good and filling. just looking at some of the photos i took made my mouth water! i've been doing lots of my own cooking too, mostly hearty & homely foods which are organic and make you feel as good as they taste. 

but for now, i leave you with another picture from we the people - please check it out here if you haven't yet - and on that note; i contacted jessie, the girl behind the blog, to let her know that i adored we the people, and she sent me a truly sweet response. she seems to be as beautiful a person as the pictures she takes!

but don't you love this off duty model look? i want to try out the look with the shearling jacket, seeing as mine finally arrived in the post today! yay!

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