Sunday, August 28, 2011


the sartorialist

i'm loving converse ever since i got back from new york. there are so many girls there rocking their connies in ways that i never imagined, but after spending two weeks there i understand the importance of a comfortable shoe - all you do is walk, walk, walk! the wonderful ny girls also completely changed my opinion on connies with a dress. it looks awesome; so city chic.


alannah. said...

that last look is beyond my favourite, i was in so much lust for it when i saw it on the sartorialist. totally just flicked back through a few of your blog pages & im digging your blog so much! had to click on the bloglovin icon :) cant wait to be back!x

chloe-kiara. said...

i know right! and it's such a simple look but it's so pretty! i guess it also helps she has legs which go on and on..

thanks so much for checking my little blog out :) yours is gorgeous too!

chloe. xx