Friday, August 26, 2011

biatch, it's mine!

so let me start this with a confession. i love the kardashians. i think they're gorgeous and funny and despite the ditzy demeanours, they're incredibly intelligent with what can only be described as self built empires. i adore kourtney's style, but khloe's personality is without a doubt my favourite. kim? well, kim is kim. love her all the same. but i'm pissed at her at the moment. why? well, i was hanging out for her wedding photos to appear - dying to know what she wore and how she accessorised and the make up and hair and everything! and then i saw, and i saw red. because around her head, was a beautiful head piece! which is what i want to wear at my wedding - it's what my grandmother and mother both wore in sri lankan tradition, and i think it's an incredibly beautiful, exotic touch. so now, my problem with kimmy, is that everyone is going to be doing the headpiece thing just like her. and will think that i'm being a copy cat. (no i'm not engaged or anything, but i've had my wedding planned for like.. 10 years.) 

although mine is much prettier, and very similar to the stunning one below.
so i'll outshine you kardashian, you just wait and see!

we heart it

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