Friday, August 26, 2011

yum yum yum

hat, shirt, shorts & necklace - sportsgirl, boots - topshop

so it might be fair to say the 26 degree weather got to me today, and therefore i decided to go on a shopping spree, for the most fantastic pair of sheer shorts that i've laid my eyes on, an equally flowy sheer shirt with very pretty metallic buttons, a lovely drapey blush coloured statement necklace, a felt panama hat (FOR $13.95!!!!!!!!!!!) and some very cute, on trend chelsea boots. as usual, getting far too ahead of myself because i'm pretty sure it's supposed to be raining this weekend. but spring is a mere 5 days a way, and i can't even explain how exciting this is! so for now i sit in wait, for my delicious goodies to arrive in the post. woo hoo!

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