Friday, August 26, 2011

the two favourites: pt 2

modern legacy

so part two to my 'two favourite blogs' is the gorgeous kaitlyn from modern legacy. this girl and i click. seriously, i feel like i know her. her blog is a combination of outfit posts, and a few of new collections from various labels, but there are two things in particular i adore about her.
one: our taste in clothing is on the same page. if i don't already own something which is incredibly similar to what she's wearing (which seems to have been often), then i generally want to own something very similar. asap. she is the person i am turning to for essentially all my fashion inspiration at the moment, and her hair is to. die. for! love.
two: this is an aspect of her blog that i really truly love - she wears labels i can afford. and makes them look expensive and cool and impeccably on trend. sportsgirl and minkpink and some vintage thrown in the mix, with the occasional designer. our wardrobe's are the same and i love that i can turn to her blog for an idea on how to wear a top i picked up at sportsgirl on the weekend, knowing she'll have something similar but will have put her own little unique twist on it. 

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Rich Girls. said...

L O V E.
she's so sweet and her outfits really are completely inspirational.
i agree with everything that you said. totally.

ps. i'm really loving your blog. i'm so glad that i have stumbled up on it. everything you post is so 'me'. x.