Friday, August 5, 2011

back in black.. or not

tony bianco

i have come to the conclusion i have far too many black heels. black suede in particular is definitely prominent in my wardrobe, but black is just over bearingly obvious and it's driving me nuts. it's not at all summery (yes, all i can think about it summer at the moment - can you blame me when it's 26 degrees during winter?) but i'm thinking about my spring summer wardrobe and i've decided i need some pretty neutral and brown tones to add to the collection. so i've turned to my beloved shoe designer tony bianco, and he has of course, provided me with the goods i crave. 
which is very much a problem in itself.
because now i can't make a decision. the two gorgeous brown pairs, which do you prefer? help me make this decision! they're the same colour brown suede, but i just can't decide between the chunky heel, more closed in style, or the stiletto with the pretty little wrap around feature.

i've already decided i need these mushroom wedges though. they're comfortable and versatile, and the styling is amazing in this 'i'm kind of dominatrix yet i'm oh so feminine way'. ya get me? 
yes, please.

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