Friday, August 26, 2011

the uniform

so as i said previously, the thoroughly enjoyable warm weather that's descended on sydney at the moment has me thinking about summer approaching. we're only a mere few days off spring time and i am SOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED. please take note of all the o's there, because i meant every single one of their exaggerated goodness. 

back to the point though, the warm weather has me thinking about my summer wardrobe, and whilst i want to make it more interesting and a bit different to my usual choices, it doesn't change the fact i'll be jumping back into my favourite thing in the world: denim shorts. oh yes, i adore denim shorts. i'm very picky about the ones i like, but when i like a pair i will buy them instantly, purely because i know that when it comes to my fashion choices, denim shorts will always be a purchase which is worn to the 'nth degree. i own about 5 pairs by one teaspoon (and they've just released some of the new collection.. uh oh) and i wear them all like absolute crazy. for me the biggest decision is what to wear with them; belts? blouse? t shirt? necklaces? bracelet? sandals? heels? so i've been doing some research (read: scrolling through we heart it) and i'm keeping these cute looks in mind.

we heart it

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